C HOUSE İTALİA Luxurious, shiny, charming hand-made food go together at every “C HOUSE – COFFEE SHOP” to create a new concept that will renew the whole idea that the people and the industry have about making and enjoing coffee.
This new concept, created by C HOUSE ITALIA S.r.l., is currently the most innovative fashionable and original coffee concept in Italy!
Our aim is to provide an italian style coffee house experience offering premium espresso “perfect cup”, authentic italian and mediterranean food products, original “aperitivo time” and relaxing atmosphere in every store.
The “C HOUSE – COFFEE SHOP” philosophy is really very simple. Coffee, atmosphere, food, service and aperitivo time are the key elements to our business and excellence in all five areas is required in order to achieve our aim.

We are pleased to give our business opportunities to International Franchise Partners with an established business in their country and experience in franchising other brands within the market to join us for our worldwide expansion programme.

Criteria for choosing our partner:
Branded retail or Food and beverage experience.
Key functional areas of experience (accounting, tax, legal, store design, operations, etc…).
Independent organization with own warehouse and technical organization.
Access to desirable real estate or shopping centres, knowledge of local property markets and prime locations.
Public relation experience & market contacts.
Detailed knowledge of local culture & consumer.
Knowledge of local business practices.
Financial resources.
Information & communication technology awareness.
Established human resource polices.

If you think your company would be a good match for C House – Coffee Shop, e-mail us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.”>chouse@caffe-poli.it and please attach a separate document with your responses as follow:
Why you have interest in this country or region.
Brief us your business experience and background. A copy of your personal resume and details of your current employment. If a company please send us a copy of your company profile with details of company’s business interests, number of employees, and countries in which you operate.
Previous experience in specialty retailing, hospitality, franchising that you will bring with.
Details of total funds and assets available to develop the C House – Coffee Shop concept as cash, real estate, business assets, annual income.
Your ability to meet the financial criteria.

Franchise Başvuru Formu
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